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an episodic webcomic

When visions of a forgotten past begin to haunt her, Isara must journey through a vast and deceptive world to find the answers she seeks.  Along the way, she'll make friends, encounter enemies, and perhaps discover more than she bargained for. Will she fulfill the role she was destined to play, or will Isara choose to be free from the strings of fate? 




Age: 17

A  girl who works on her family's farm, Isara doesn't have any grand ambitions beyond living an ordinary life, but she's always wondered what lies beyond her tiny village. This goes against her overprotective parents' wishes - despite longing to see the world outside, she loves her family and doesn't want to cause them any trouble, ultimately causing her to bury her frustrations. Lately, she's been plagued by strange, reoccurring nightmares.  Could they be telling her something?



Age: 18

Isara's older brother, Chae is carefree and a bit apathetic, used to the privileges that come with being the oldest son. He works hard - when he works - but also finds plenty of time to slip away to do who-knows-what in neighboring villages, or just laze about. He never wants to get involved in others' conflicts, being hands off to the point of accidentally coming across as uncaring.

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